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The break statement is used to terminate the loop or statement in which it is present. After that, the control will pass to the statements that are present after the break statement, if available. List comprehension is a syntax construction to ease the creation of a list based on existing iterable.

python interview questions for senior developer

The __init__ method is called automatically whenever a new object is initiated. This method allocates memory to the new object as soon as it is created. The technical interview is not just about your coding skills. It’s about whether you can explain your code well and document what you have done.

What is the ‘ternary operator’ in Python?

This question is more about showing your ability as a critical thinker and someone who is capable of both acknowledging and learning from your errors. Try use simple analogies and stay away from technical jargon and concepts. You will need to show that you have the right technical skills to back up your knowledge of Python. The code will work because of the standard dictionary object in Python 2 or 3. It would help if you tried to tell the interviewers how you stay up to date with the latest developments.

python interview questions for senior developer

To ace the interview, you should know the ins and outs of Python, including frameworks, data structures, functions, and libraries. You will be asked a mix of questions that test your knowledge and understanding, as well as your technical abilities. For technical questions, it is usually more important to clearly explain your thought process than arrive at the correct solution. BrainStation’s Python Developer career guide can help you take the first steps toward a lucrative career in web development and data science. Read on for an overview of common Python Developer job interview questions and how to answer them.

What is swapcase function in Python?

Yes, Several arguments can be passed to a function, including objects, variables (of the same or distinct data types), and functions. Functions can be passed as parameters to other functions because they are objects. Higher-order functions are functions that can take other functions as arguments. When prepping, practice a range of interview questions and answers, including programming and behavioral questions. You will be asked about your past work, so practice talking about your projects and successes.

  • Once again, this Python developer interview question tests the fundamentals of Python.
  • And in our experience, Python interviews including Python interview questions and answers are often a make-or-break situation that plays a clinching role in recruitment.
  • Today, developers use this programming language to build machine learning, artificial intelligence, Web development, and several other applications.
  • Protected attribute – variables that are protected are usually confined to the class, although they can be accessed from outside the class through select functions.
  • The reason for the GIL presence is to make CPython thread-safe and not allow some threads to interfere with one another.
  • Stand out from the competition by practicing these Django interview questions.

As you ask and answer more interview questions, you’ll refine the craft of explaining your work. You’ll learn how to write more efficient code that will help set you aside as the best candidate for a job. In this article, we’ve drafted seven Python interview questions to help you prepare for your next technical interview. For more interview prep, check out our guide to interviewing in the tech industry, including technical and behavioral interview tips.

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Therefore arguments in Python method are passed by Reference. Since some of the objects passed as reference are mutable, we can change those objects in a method. But for an Immutable object like String, any change done within a method is not reflected outside.

python interview questions for senior developer

It is used for converting one data type into the other, for example, characters into an integer – ord(0), any data type to list type – list(), integer into a string – str(), etc. Arrays can store only one data type while lists store any data type. Yes, since it does not have machine-level code before runtime. Code uses an interpreter to be executed by the machine. When hiring senior-level Python developers, you must assess their ability to visualize Python code as a part of a larger project. This Python interview question would be super helpful if you are looking to define search patterns while extracting data from text.

Interview Questions on Communication Skills

Names at the module’s top level are stored in the module’s namespace. The concept of scope in Python is closely related to the concept of the namespace. As you’ve learned so far, a Python scope defines where a name appears in your Python program. The lambda function in Python is a function that can have only one statement but multiple parameters.

python interview questions for senior developer

If you’re a hiring manager or HR professional, you might want to think about approaching the 50 questions below from a few different angles. In a distributed system there are different machines that communicate with each other to do a job. Using libraries like Apache Spark or Ray can be a good approach for scalability. While the Python interpreter is using GIL to lock T1, all other threads have to wait.

Is Python an interpreted language?

Upon receiving an invitation for a Python developer job interview, refresh your programming knowledge and review your accomplishments in the field. When answering this interview question, a junior Python developer candidate may answer None, strings, or numbers. A mid-level developer may mention booleans, tuples, or any immutable object. However, a senior Python developer is expected to answer that any hashable object can be the key of a dictionary. As talent management experts, we have held our fair share of frequently asked Python interview questions.

The docstring for a code object can be accessed from the ‘__doc__’ attribute of that object. The built-in function zip() can be used to aggregate all the iterable objects of an iterator. It can be used to aggregate iterable objects from two iterators as well. By using the zip() function input data from different sources can be divided into a fixed number of sets.